Child Ministry and Family Empowerment

1. Child Sponsorship.

Thank you for joining our growing, global community dedicated to giving vulnerable children a reason to smile and Christ-centered future. Your role as a sponsor goes way beyond a commitment to provide financial support to your child but to consistently pray for and encourage your child. Build your relationship by writing letters, sending and receiving updated pictures, and learning about your sponsor child's academic progress and showing your child that He/she is greatly loved since they don’t get a chance to feel loved from their own families.

Through your sponsorship support of just $30, or more per month, our child-focused approach provides resources based on each individual child’s needs which include the following areas of care.

  • The chance to attain Quality Education from better schools
  • A secure home for the entirety of their childhood
  • Access to the best medical care

2. Child Discipleship

Soul Touch is committed to raise children holistically believing that we are nurturing and raising ambassadors of Christ. Every Saturday we host children from different families and different slums both on sponsorship and non-sponsorship where we engage them in different activities and topics, Currently we host over 400 children every Saturday where they learn from the Spiritual Aspect where these children are discipled because we believe in raising Christian professionals, The children learn and know more about God through different topics like 1) Salvation 2)Lordship 3) Repentance 4) Baptism 5) The Bible and Prayer 6) The Church 7) Discipleship

Then to the Physical Aspect they learn basic health practices, how to avoid sexual sins, how to keep their bodies health, to the Cognitive Aspect where the children are taught skills like playing musical instruments, farming, crafting, entrepreneurship and among others that help children to grow with self-sustainability mind set. Socio-emotional Aspect where the children are taught how to relate with their fellows (interpersonal and intrapersonal skills). But besides discipling these little angles get an opportunity to have a good breakfast and Lunch which is the only descent meal that these children get in the entire week and many children look up to for that day so they can get a good meal. We use the same day to demonstrate God’s love to the children. We always pray together and play together with our Children.

3. Child Mentorship

Children have an opportunity to get mentors who will help them grow to what they want to become in future. Some of these children have no one from their families whom they look up to, so we create a platform where children meet their mentor be in ministry, in career, in general life so that our children are raised with a very focused and upright mind. This enables children who want to be Doctors in future to interact with professional doctors, and all children regardless of what they want to become we give them opportunity to meet and interact the people in those field already for the purposes of mentoring them.

4. Family Empowerment

Phasellus scelerisque sapien sit amet mauris laoreet, eget scelerisque nunc cursus. Duis ultricies malesuada leo vel aliquet. Curabitur Empower Family, Empower Community thus empowered Country. Soul Touch International being located in the slum community, it serves different families in different capacities, where it’s all about empowering women, empowering families and empowering our community, so that we can create a better world for all the families.

One of the Activities under Family Empowerment is Financial Literacy. Before this was started, many families did not know how to budget, how to save and how to plan financially. In this training, we teach them about savings, and we give them knowledge about budgeting and planning, how to manage their businesses and managing their customers, How to spend and how to save. We have seen great success through this training. It is encouraging to see these families experience financial freedom and to see them breakthrough and this has kept more families together.

Our second program, is our Vocational Program. Through this program, we empower the families through hands-on training by teaching the women and men different skills such as weaving and knitting, and how to make paper beads and paper bags, how to make liquid soap, Mechanical, Carpentry and more other skills that enable different families that enable them generate some income. By teaching them these skills, they are able to make extra money. Our goal is to create self-sustainability in families throughout our community and the neighborhood.

Each week we meet with the different families once to discuss about different topics including Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship skills, Saving skills and Godly parenting and learning different skills. And during these topics we have always invited different professionals to speak to these groups in people. And through these meetings we have seen a tremendous impact in different families since some parents have committed to be good parents to their children, some have started small income generating activities and some are now supporting their families. We have seen great success through our Family Empowerment Program, and the ministry has grown tremendously where women are moving from slums, are able to put their kids back in school.